Top 7 Fitness Tips You Might Not Know

Top 7 Fitness Tips You Might Not Know - SNO

As a fitness devotee, you would know exactly how many extra pounds and centimeters at the waist separate you from your dream figure. You even made a schedule of high-intensity training sessions and followed it conscientiously, but the weight stands still for some reason. Why?

The effectiveness of any workout largely depends on the correctness of the activities you perform. Often we are faced with a situation where incorrect work in the gym turns out to be just a waste of energy: while doing it, a person does not get any results. He or she just wastes time and money. Can something be done about it?

Ideally, you need a trainer who will select an individual program for you. But if this is impossible, SNO is here with some simple tips you might not know. Our tips will help increase the effectiveness of your workouts, achieve set goals, and lose weight faster.

Let’s start!

1.    Wake Up Your Muscles

Get up and start your day with a workout. Put on that performance t-shirt you bought. Go down the street, run, or just walk around the neighborhood for about 15 to 20 minutes. Do this for about 2 weeks, and excuses that you are tired after a hard day at work or do not have time to go to the gym due to evening traffic jams will immediately lose their meaning.

2.    Use Spacing

A short, intense workout is always better than a long one that leaves you so tired that you force yourself to do another exercise. It will not lead to good, and you will simply quit fitness at some point. Instead, use spacing. Go for the interval approach technique, which is conventional and effective. It allows you to alternate intense tension and rest, bringing the muscles into action while giving them enough time to recover. Extreme pressure develops the respiratory organs and the heart, and moments of rest make it possible to get a short pause so as not to overwork.

3.    Keep Your Posture

At the beginning of sports activities, maximum attention should be given to correct posture. To do this, you can make complexes with sticks, towels, and rubber bands. With sufficient development of the back muscles, they will stop relaxing, and you will not have to constantly monitor your posture. This means that all organs will be in the correct position, and you will feel healthier and stronger.

4.    Train With Pleasure

Yes, regular exercise guarantees results. But training through force causes an acute desire to quit them. It is impossible to constantly play a sport that you do not like. So try different sports - run, walk, take Zumba lessons, jump rope, start doing burpees, or sign up for kickboxing training to find what suits you. The emotional component plays a huge role!

5.    Do Not Overdo It

If you are doing a regular, "classic" workout to lose weight, you don't have to do high-intensity exercise all the time. On the enhanced program, do no more than three times a week and proceed to each subsequent such workout, fully restoring physical strength. High-intensity interval training (HIIT) can significantly increase calorie burn, but only when you work with an expert. Therefore, three to four times a week, set aside 15-20 minutes of training for stationary cardio exercises. Doing so will let you do more sets in a shorter time, and hopefully, you will enjoy them rather than pushing yourself to the limit.

6.    Be Active

Prepare your bag and workout accessories ahead of time. Keep those essential high-waisted leggings, breathable shirts, and hoodies ready. The next day, you won’t have to rush around the house, remembering where your sneakers and uniform are. You will definitely not be late for training, and the mind and body will approach maximum strength for the workout.

7.    Give It Your Best

There is nothing worse than exercising without effort. Try your best: squat deeper, raise your knees higher and overpower yourself. But you also don't need to overdo it. Beginners may notice fears about completing tasks quickly. Meanwhile, high-speed training helps develop the heart and lungs, strengthen muscles, tighten the silhouette, and lose weight. Perform exercises of different types in turn, and you will definitely not harm yourself.


In pursuit of a beautiful body, many people forget that it is necessary to train not only the muscles but also rest of the body. Many of the exercises can be done in a variety of ways. If you even try to change the grip of the bar, you will notice that your body begins to work in a completely different way. This can be used for the benefit of your own development. Most importantly, make sure you use postures that are healthy for you.

Be determined about your overall fitness!

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