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Smart Diet Plan For Weight Loss - SNO

Fat begins to go away with a negative energy balance, control of food intake, and a diet plan. When fewer calories enter the body than are consumed. That is why the basic principle of weight loss is to ensure a calorie deficit, ideally through a combination of a balanced diet within the calculated calorie content and any training.

The basic ways to lose weight are known to everyone, but SNO has got a few useful tips and tricks that can make you smart faster.

Let’s start!

Clear Out Bad Food From Your Life

To begin,

Get rid of harmful products. Before you start a "new life," you need to get rid of all the "temptations" that slow down the process of losing weight.

Below are foods with a high glycemic index:

  • Dairy products with a fat content of more than 5%.
  • Cheeses, sausages, smoked meats.
  • Sweets, cookies, cakes, pastries.
  • Grapes, bananas.
  • Jam and pickles.
  • Fat meat.
  • Butter

These products provoke appetite and, accordingly, weight gain. By excluding them, you will be less tempted to eat stress or have two or three cookies with a cup of joe.

Now Add Healthy Food In Your Routine

You need proper nutrition in your daily diet to reach a beautiful and slim figure. Its basis should be products with high content:

  • Proteins: chicken breast, low-fat cottage cheese, eggs, legumes, fish;
  • Complex carbohydrates: cereals (rice, buckwheat, wheat, bulgur), whole grain bread, durum wheat pasta, vegetables (tomatoes, cucumbers, cabbage, carrots, beets, zucchini), fruits (everything except grapes and bananas).

You can cook healthy, juicy, aromatic dishes based on these products. For example, stewed chicken breast with vegetables, cabbage, carrots, salads of tomatoes, and cereals seasoned with fresh tomato sauce. You can experiment with different tastes and recipes endlessly, especially since now finding tips for preparing balanced meals on the Internet is a matter of a couple of minutes.

Go For Glucomannan

According to separate studies, a fiber called glucomannan has been shown to promote weight loss. This type of fiber absorbs water and takes longer to digest, making you feel fuller and helping you eat fewer calories.

Follow these steps while taking glucomannan;

  • For the purpose of weight loss, it is recommended to take 1 gram of glucomannan supplements three times a day.
  • The time interval before meals should be from 15 minutes to 1 hour.
  • It’s really important to follow the directions of use on the bottle as this drug can absorb liquids two hundred times its own weight.
  • Take the supplements strictly before meals.
  • Try to drink two glasses or a whole glass of water when taking glucomannan supplements.

You can find glucomannan supplements in pharmacies or can order online. They usually come in capsules or powder form. But no matter which you pick, consult with a specialist before taking it.

Enjoy What You Do

On the road to losing weight, many forget one main objective – to be happy. So while you are on your strict diet plan;

  • Sprinkle some cinnamon over yogurt, coffee, or other food that pairs with this spice. It can speed up metabolism; just half a teaspoon a day will help you lose about a kilogram in a month.
  • Laugh more often. 10-15 minutes of laughter increases weekly calorie expenditure by 280 kcal.
  • Wear your high-quality performance t-shirt and drag your friends to the fitness club. People who play sports with a group of friends lose weight more.

The bottom line is that sometimes we replace the deficit of pleasant emotions with food, and it's time to get rid of this habit: put a lightweight and comfortable fabric hoodie on and go to parks or arrange nature trips. Make it a rule not to spend your weekends alone, sitting in front of the TV or computer. But set goals, discover new places, or go meet a friend. Pleasant emotions will be much more, and obsessive thoughts about food will not visit you.

Be Consistent!

The main mistake of losing weight is that you want to get rid of 3-5 kilograms in a couple of days. And for this, you starve and exhaust yourself with high-intensity training sessions. As a result, when the scale needle moves a few notches to the left, you rush to the refrigerator to treat yourself to your favorite desserts or, even worse, salads with mayonnaise. Don't do it!

Remember that each diet plan can only be used for a limited time. Upon reaching the set target, you should check your weight and switch to an even healthier diet to maintain the desired result. If you start adhering to proper nutrition, you won't have to give up on your favorite food at all.

A little self-control, dedication, and some physical activities – that’s all there is to stay healthy, smart, and fit!

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