Activewear 101 - How To Style Your Activewear Like A Pro in 2022

Activewear 101 - How To Style Your Activewear Like A Pro in 2022 - SNO

The athleisure style has taken one of the trendiest positions in fashion these days. These are not only popular in the gyms and yoga classes anymore, but also in other walks of life. You can see women fashionistas donning activewear at the airports, cafes, and even at the markets. And they are styling all those sports bras and high-waisted leggings so comfortably and beautifully! Something to learn of course! And why shouldn’t they? 

These athleisure wears are extremely durable, comfortable, and easy to run around in. No wonder the value of the global activewear market reached $177,586.42 million in 2021. It is predicted to reach 269,045.93 million by 2029. The only hindering fact to this activewear revolution is, not many women who love the look know how to style these properly. For them, this is the best place to learn how to style your activewear like a pro, no matter what occasion you are wearing it. Just scroll on!

Understand the fabric

Not all fabrics are suitable for everyone. If you experience higher chances of sweating at the gym, you will need a lightweight fabric with moisture-wicking features for your sports bra and leggings. These fabrics tend to pull away the sweat from the body to the surface, where it evaporates easily. Fabrics like polyester, spandex, and other poly blends are quite useful in this matter. You can also opt for mesh, which is lightweight with perforations that improve breathability. It keeps your cool and comfortable in hot climates and allows for ventilation, thus causing less discomfort while working out. 

Pick the right sports bra

While choosing a sports bra, you have to keep three basic things in mind:

  1. Right size
  2. Right fabric
  3. Right design

Even this day, many women make the mistake of choosing the right size sports bra, thus leading to discomfort and also spoiling the look of the entire outfit. What you can do is, try the sports bra and move around a little in it. See if it feels snug and perfect. Jump and hop a little and see if everything stays in place. Do not forget that you will be working out in that sports bra, and even if you have a small bust, it may look and feel uncomfortable if the size is not right. While shopping online, make sure that your sports bra is returnable. 

Now, coming to the fabric, we have already discussed what kind of fabric will keep the sweat at bay. You just need to check out the details of the product while shopping online. 

The design of the sports bra is quite essential to ensure a comfortable and snug fit. The scoop neck sports bra is quite favorable for intense workout sessions and looks pretty trendy as well. It is stable and ensures minimum bounce while doing your runs, lifting weights, or doing cardio. 


High-waisted leggings tips

The high-waist yoga leggings are not only perfect for workout sessions but also for hiking, walking, and doing your regular activities. These are available in a range of designs, and colors that you can style properly. If you are somewhat overweight, these leggings will make you look slimmer by tucking every extra bit of fat in. While traditional leggings tend to shift a lot, causing discomfort and hindering movements, the high-waisted leggings stay in place, reducing your hassles to a great extent. What more? If you have long legs, these leggings look amazingly flattering when paired with crop tops or shirt dresses. While jeans are comfy wear for many women, the high-waist leggings are qualified enough to replace them if they try the right brand. 

How to choose the right pair of leggings?

Just like choosing a sports bra, there are certain hacks for choosing the right pair of leggings. One thing you should keep in mind is it should fit like a second skin and no less. See if the leggings fit perfectly, especially near the crotch area, which, if loose, will make the fabric move down when you move. These should also offer the right coverage, especially in the tummy area. It shouldn’t matter what kind of workout you are involved in, but the leggings should be stable and fit perfectly around the lower back and waist area. 

Do not forget the stretch

The right kind of activewear is not all about the best fit but also its elasticity. If they do not stretch well, you may not be able to work out with ease. Go for athleisure wear with a 4-way stretch, as these are the most comfortable for intense workouts and yoga sessions. 

Mix and match your activewear

There is no dearth of choice when it comes to the various designs and styles of activewear available in the market right now. You can pick your choice colors, and designs and mix them well for a versatile appearance. Remember, activewear is not some uniform that you only have to pick solid colors. Go for printed leggings and abstract designs and experiment a little. After all, you are donning one of the trendiest things in fashion right now! Don it well! 


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