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SNO – Your Top Quality Sportswear Clothing Brand - SNO

Sport has long gone beyond the gym and has recently become a subculture in countries such as Canada and USA, gaining new followers daily. A beautiful sports uniform can be motivation to get up early and work out, and sometimes it is not inferior in concept to modern ready-to-wear clothing.

For many years, SNO has been supplying complete sets of high-quality sportswear. But it’s a fact that sportswear should first of all be comfortable. And that is why SNO sells its buyers market’s best, practical sportswear clothing.

Clothing for fitness has long stood out in a separate line with a wide range. But if you are a beginner and have not yet decided which kind of material in sportswear suits you, SNO is here to guide you;

Fabrics For Sportswear

The modern market offers so many natural and specialized synthetic materials that it is difficult for the buyer to navigate among several characteristics.

Here we’ll guide you on different kinds of fabric used in sportswear.

Natural Cotton Or Quality Synthetics?

There is an opinion that top fabric for sportswear is natural cotton because it is pleasant to touch, breathable, and has a hypoallergenic effect. But for active physical exertion, such clothes are hardly suitable. Cotton is very hygroscopic; after 10-15 minutes of intensive training, it will be completely saturated with sweat.

To level out such shortcomings, most of the fabrics for sportswear are made with the addition of synthetic fibers:


It does not absorb moisture, does not wrinkle, and dries quickly.

Elastane (lycra)

Elastane gives the fabric resilience, elasticity, and fade resistance. The addition of Lycra fibers increases the wear resistance of sportswear. Lycra fabrics do not restrict movement. They can stretch 4-5 times and instantly return to their original shape.


Nylon has very high wear resistance. This garment is made from a nylon weave and keeps an attractive look during the most intense workouts. Nylon does not wrinkle and dries quickly.


Clothing made of polyamide fabrics attracts with its relatively low price and good wear resistance. It is pleasant to the touch, easily breathable, does not fade in the sun, and can withstand more than 200 washes.

The New Fabric In Sportswear

Special requirements are placed on modern sportswear fabrics, making them wear-resistant, wrinkle-resistant, and breathable.


Cotton provides good breathability, polyester protects the creasing, and elastane fibers help maintain shape. But Supplex's high elasticity tops all. The composition of this fabric may include polyamide, lycra, and nylon. Supplex is used for sewing sportswear, gymnastic, and circus tights. The fabric stretches well and easily restores its original shape.

Stretch Cooler

Knitted cotton fabric with lycra threads woven into it. This material has hypoallergenic properties and is pleasant to the touch. Stretch cooler clothing does not lose color and shape with intensive use.

Stretch Cotton

Moderately dense cotton fabric with the addition of elastane fibers. Suits made of stretch cotton have sufficient elasticity and high strength, are easy to wash, and almost do not wrinkle. In addition to the usual tracksuit fabrics, specialized materials with specified properties provide comfort when mountaineering, diving, or doing sports activities.


Made from polyester, elastane, and polyamide fibers. It stretches well in all directions, follows the body's contours, and reliably protects from the cold. Suitable for figure skating, clothes for climbers and skiers.


The fabric was developed specifically for underwater sports - clothes made of it are very close to the body and are ideal as linen under a wetsuit. Diving consists of a mixture of artificial and synthetic threads. The basis of the fabric is viscose - a fiber made from cellulose (recycled wood).

SNO - Optimal Fabrics For Sportswear

Almost all our clothes for fitness, training in gym, or while running for some fresh air are made from a special fabric - a sports jersey of various types of weaving and composition. Properly fitting women's tops, including scoop neck Sports bras, latest sportswear high-waisted leggings, and quality men's shorts. All are made from breathable materials that will help to avoid discomfort and give you quality time when you are on the go!

Wrapping Up

Fabrics for sportswear should provide maximum comfort during wear, be durable and wear-resistant. At the same time, the sportswear material for its intended purpose plays an important role. So, for athletics, yoga, acrobatics, or day-to-day workout, elastic and durable fabrics that are resistant to stretching are preferred. For mountaineering, skiing, and snowboarding, you need suits that retain heat well, with additional moisture protection. And for a light everyday workout, clothes made of beautiful, pleasant to the touch, soft, and easy-care materials are suitable.

SNO works directly with importers, distributors, and manufacturers, guaranteeing the buyer the authenticity of the product and its compliance with all sanitary and hygienic standards.

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