Working out in tight or loose gym wear? What's best?

Working out in tight or loose gym wear? What's best? - SNO

It’s time for you to hit the gym, but you don’t know which outfit to choose. Don’t worry, you are not alone. All of us are stuck at some point on whether we shall wear those high-waisted tight leggings and a sports bra or just pair up some baggy sweatpants with a classic hoodie. It’s necessary to always look for important factors such as comfort, ease, and breathability. And choosing between loose or tight gym wear with all these qualities can be a task in itself. Let’s dive into the pros and cons that these outfits have to offer.

Your workout type:

There is a diverse number of exercises and workouts for people to stay fit and healthy. Every type demands a different amount of energy and body posture. If you want to choose a perfect outfit for your workout routine then you must list down the types of exercises you do. And once it’s done, you are all set to pick and choose.

Sportswear is not just for the sake of style and fashion but your comfort and functionality comes before everything whether you are a classic shorts person or a baggy trouser person. For instance, if you like to ride a bike or want to lift heavy weights then you need to wear those tight leggings but if you are going for a jogging session then some loose t-shirt or hoodie will be a great choice. 

Tight outfits:


Wearing fitted clothes like a burgundy sports bra paired with black high-waisted leggings is going to give your body a fitted look and also highlight your curves. Wearing fitted clothes is also really supportive in spinning exercises, riding a motorbike, or even heavy weightlifting. Fitted clothes like scoop neck bras also provide support to your chest during the workout sessions and fitted leggings also aid in not letting your muscles be flappy while you run or workout heavily losing the calories.  


With every good effect comes some negative ones as well. Wearing tight clothes like high-waisted leggings for too long can actually cause hurt to your hips and spine. It can compress your hip joint and also hinder blood circulation in your body, and can also cause pain and stinging sensation around the joint. If these outfits are too tight around the waist then they can aslo cause acid reflux or abdominal pain as well. 

Loose outfits:


Loose outfits can be really comfortable and easy to go with. Wearing some classic shorts with a trendy and fashionable hoodie makes it easy for you to breathe when you are jogging and working out. They are also good at absorbing sweat with the great fabric technology that is designing sweat-absorbing hoodies. 


As we discussed that wearing clothes that are too tight can cause damage to the spine, hip, and waist. Loose outfits can also cause some damage that might not be direct. Some loose clothes also get you into tripping or falling at times or several yoga pants that are wide towards the bottom can cause trouble too. And if you are cautious enough to avoid them all then maybe someone passing by steps on your loose yoga pants to make you fall. 


As we discussed the pros and cons of both high-waisted legging kind if tight clothes and loose hoodies and yoga pant kind of loose clothes, it is highly necessary to make the right choice according to your workout routine. Make sure to ensure your comfort, safety, and efficiency while choosing the outfit to be worn.

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