5 Ways to Keep Your New Year's Fitness Resolution

5 Ways to Keep Your New Year's Fitness Resolution - SNO

Did you make any fitness resolutions at the beginning of this year? Don’t tell me No. Well, if not this year, you must have made it at some point on New Year’s Eve. The intense adrenaline rush you feel when you imagine yourself wearing a high-performance t-shirt with high-waisted leggings and classic joggers is so wholesome but do we really keep up with those resolutions in the long run? Most of us are not able to.

Let's discuss some ways that can help us stay on track and keep the hustle going:

Starting off with basic:

Directly jumping onto intense exercises and fitness workouts can definitely be overwhelming for almost all of us. It might keep us going for some days but then the energy engine shuts down. With classic training hoodies and essential full-length leggings, start walking on the jogging track in the morning, go for a dog with your dog, try taking routes on feet such as going to the market or grabbing some stuff from a store nearby. This will keep you active throughout the day. It might be challenging in the beginning but once you are used to it, you can keep pushing yourself beyond the limits.

Keep your company:

Having a gym or workout partner is always better than doing it alone. This doesn’t just bring a sense of responsibility to keep up with your resolution of working on fitness every day but also brings a sense of motivation. On days you feel lazy in your baggy outfit, then the boost from your partner can lift you up and make you wear those quick-dry t-shirts and gym wear leggings to let you sweat more. This way you don’t just get a workout friend to be with but it also keeps you both updated about each other and becomes a source of energy whenever any one of you is down.

Check & balance:

You can’t keep learning and retain it without evaluation. In the same way, you can’t keep going in high-performance t-shirts and leggings without keeping a check on your routine. It is an essential part of any habit to check on it whether you are regularly practicing it according to the designed goals for a certain time period or not. This plays a key role in helping you stick to your routine and solely follow it.

Keep your day green:

Having a healthy diet is necessary for a healthy and fit lifestyle along with workouts. No one can start by religiously eating a green diet regularly but we can always start with a minimum. After you sweat out calories in your fearless high-performance t-shirts and leggings or scoop neck bras and breezy vision shorts make sure to have a green meal at once a day. Start off by including green in any one meal a day, be it a smoothie, lunch or dinner. This is going to help you make a habit of eating a nutritious diet.

Make it trendy:

Fashion keeps changing and keeping up with it is an art of modification. Wearing trendy fitness outfits can really help in boosting your confidence. Women can wear a burgundy sports bra with black high-waisted leggings pairing it up with sporty joggers and men can opt for classy hoodies with streamlined shorts and black joggers or check out a variety of fitness bloggers and fashion sites to stay up to date. Staying in trend and modifying it also keep you motivated to work on fitness regularly and appreciation from people around you for your look is always an additional boost in confidence to keep doing the best. 

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